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Full Restorations

We blend passion with precision to transform your automotive dreams into breathtaking reality. Specializing in full frame-off restorations, each project is a testament to our dedication and a reflection of our clients' unique tastes and personal styles. Our commitment is to deliver not just a car, but a masterpiece that tells its own exclusive story.


Frame-Off Restorations

At Angel's Touch Restoration, we specialize in comprehensive frame restorations, meticulously caring for every component down to each nut and bolt. We also excel in custom swaps and restomods, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern innovations to enhance performance and aesthetics. Our attention to detail ensures that every aspect of your vehicle is expertly restored and customized, providing a seamless integration of classic beauty with contemporary functionality. Trust us to transform your classic car with precision and passion.

Engine Swaps and Performance Modifications

At Angels Touch Restoration, we specialize in elevating your vehicle to meet the highest standards of performance and aesthetics. From engine upgrades and comprehensive transmission services to sophisticated brake system enhancements, our team handles every aspect of your project with unmatched precision. Whether you're looking for subtle refinements or transformative modifications, we expertly tailor our services to bring your unique automotive vision to life.


Concours d'elgance Quality 

Angels Touch Restoration has entered the prestigious realm of Concours d'Élégance quality restorations, blending traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge techniques. Despite being newcomers, our expert team is deeply committed to restoring classic automobiles to their original, magnificent condition. We meet the stringent expectations of discerning collectors, ensuring each restoration not only preserves but enhances the vehicle's legacy. Trust Angel's Touch Restoration to elevate the artistry of your classic automobile.

Custom Work and Fabrication

At Angels Touch Restoration, we excel in working with anything metal, fiberglass, engines, frames, body panels, and interiors. Our skilled artisans thrive on molding materials into perfection, no matter how complex the challenge. We embrace unique and innovative ideas—the more distinctive, the better. Count on us to expertly bring your visionary automotive projects to life.


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